YUMI Crack Plus Keygen Free Downlaod [Latest]

YUMI Crack Plus Keygen Free Download [Latest]

YUMI Crack Plus Keygen Free Downlaod [Latest]

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) may be the successor to MultibootISOs. It really is an instrument that is truly helpful provides you to be in a position to make a Multiboot USB Flash Drive which has various working frameworks, antivirus resources, plate cloning products a apparatuses that are symptomatic.

Where YUMI contrasts from MultiBootISO’s that utilization grub to straightforwardly boot ISO documents from USB, YUMI utilizes syslinux on top of that appropriation that are extricated away on the USB gadget, and returns to utilizing grub to Boot several ISO records from USB, if fundamental.

Regardless of a few of appropriations, most of the documents being crucial set aside within the Multiboot organizer. This creates a pleasantly composed Multiboot Drive which may at the moment be utilized for storing up other information.


  • Update to support Win that is different PE. Modified distribution reduction process. Corrected font size for Show All ISOs option.
  • Fix Eset, Avira, and Dr.Web menu entries which became broken in build
  • UEFI Yumi Beta Include help for Arch Bang, Skywave Linux, and Cyborg Linux.
  • Temporarily include windows which can be back single/10 Installer choice (which extracts all files from ISO to root). Include dismount and lock capability.
  • Revision to guide Cub Linux. Fix broken WifiSlax entry. Use method that is alternative old Ubuntu derivatives with conflicting says Linux gfx boost.
  • Enhance to guide ChaletOS and Bunsenlabs. Support more recent Fedora Workstation Live and Zorin Core ISOs. Fix CentOS Link. Create a directory that is trk3 the main of USB before copying files (required for Windows XP copyfiles).
  • Update to help Solus. Reinclude reveal all drives choice. Disable FSCTL lock, dismount, and unlock volume features until a better solution is discovered.
  • Include support for Android-x86. Fix broken Manjaro entry. Update credits and sources.
  • Fixed bug: calculating space that is remaining USB drive. Switch back again to VESA menu that is utilizing sub-menu config files. Remove unused Prompt 0 from config. Re-enable Ubuntu gfxoot.
  • Include GRUB (partition 4) option. Improvement to guide Xioapan, Windows 10, Bitdefender Rescue CD choices. Update DBan choice.
  • Add Windows to Go VHD option. Added more information for syslinux caution. Added Diskpart NTFS format option.
  • Update to support OSFClone, more recent WifiSlax, and NetRunner. Proper AntiX entry to utilize bdir=. Update to change areas that are empty iso file with dashes. Modification to GRUB Partition 4 choice.
  • Add help for Arch Bang, Skywave Linux, and Cyborg Linux.
  • Improvement to support Linux Kid X, Linux Lite, Subgraph OS, and Calculate Linux Desktop. Re-enable entry for Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.
  • Update Get Drives function to ignore community and system drives. Include drive and filesystem type to push list. Include lock, dismount, and unlock features.
  • Fast Fix for singular and Win that is numerous PE.

Installing the yumi download:

Pen Drive Linux provides their software as a Windows Executable file therefore installation is as easy as downloading the file YUMI- and running it straight after retrieving it. We very recommend using pc software that is pc is anti-virus operating *any* files on the internet.


YUMI Crack Plus Keygen Free Downlaod [Latest]

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